Lyle Squire Jnr

“The spectre of climate change is prompting the authorities that determine export approval to apply added attention to the management of our fisheries. Through this initiative, we aim to contribute to make our fisheries the best they can be.”

Lyle Squire JnrLyle Squire Jnr

[ President Pro-vision Reef Inc. ]

Anthony Roelofs

“By committing to practical and precautionary collection standards, the Stewardship Action Plan demonstrates that Queensland’s aquarium industries share the international communities’ vision for coral reef sustainability..”

Anthony RoelofsAnthony Roelofs
[ Fisheries Queensland ]

Randall Owens

“A dynamic example, by an industry, of applied stewardship for a resource they rely on and care about … and a demonstrated willingness to work with management and science to get there.”

Randall-Owens-testimonialRandall Owens
[ Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority ]

Professor Morgan Pratchett

“Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about reported declines in coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef. However, corals harvested by the aquarium industry are very different or contribute little to live coral cover in shallow reef environments where monitoring is being undertaken.”

Professor Morgan Pratchett Professor Morgan Pratchett
[ Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies ]

Professor David Bellwood

“Everyone who keeps a marine aquarium has a vested interest in the future of coral reefs. The Stewardship Action Plan is an invaluable step in the securing a sustainable future.”

David BellwoodProfessor David Bellwood
[ Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies ]

Sian Breen

“WWF Australia supports this industry’s journey and commends their ongoing role in the stewardship of Queensland’s iconic reef habitats in an uncertain future climate setting.”

Sian BreenSian Breen
[ WWF Australia ]

Dr Peter Doherty

“This is a clear statement of responsible stewardship by a commercial fishing industry that is passionate about the securing the future for its operators by respecting and understanding the renewable resources that support them.”

Dr Peter DohertyDr Peter Doherty
[ Australian Institute of Marine Science ]

Dr Gerald R. Allen

“Stewardship Action Plan 2013 provides both a sound plan for reducing ecological risk to minimal levels and a very workable, well thought-out framework for collaborative management of this small, but valuable fishery. There is no doubt in my mind that Australia is the world leader for responsible aquarium fishery management and the current Action Plan will hopefully raise the bar with regards to international standards.”

Dr Gerald AllenDr Gerald R. Allen
[ Western Australia Museum ]

Dr Alex Ploeg

“Ornamental Fish International strongly supports the approach of Pro-vision Reef Inc. in the Stewardship Action Plan to address the challenges facing the marine aquarium industry.”

Dr Alex PloegDr Alex Ploeg
[ Ornamental Fish International ]

Russell Kelley

“This Stewardship Action Plan demonstrates that the Australian corals enjoyed by aquarium hobbyists the world over are collected according to a well thought out strategy designed to minimise the impacts on our marine environment.”

Russell KelleyRussell Kelley
[ Author of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder ]