Industry Risk Mitigation Standards


Industry workshops were conducted in Cairns in late May and Brisbane in early June 2013. The workshops followed a road trip by the Project Manager to engage with each business in the marine aquarium industry in Queensland. Not every business could be contacted. However, every business that operates in the Queensland Coral Fishery was contacted and encouraged to attend one of the workshops.

Just one business refused to participate in the initiative, which means more than 90% of Queensland Coral Fishery businesses support the initiative, most of whom attended the workshops and were active participants in the application of agreed industry standards to mitigate identified risks.

Fisheries Queensland, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies additionally attended the workshops. A representative from WWF Australia was unable to attend.

A tally of individual experience at the workshops revealed that the allocation of industry standards would be guided by a combined 550 years of experience, including industry participation, fishery and protected areas management and coral reef research.

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