Application, Goal and Objectives


Stewardship Action Plan 2013: Mitigating Ecological Risk in a Changing Climate applies to the Queensland Coral Fishery, the Queensland Marine Aquarium Fish Fishery and the Commonwealth Coral Sea Fishery. In combination, this area represents more than 1.5 million km2 encompassed broadly by Cape York in the north, the Tweed River in the south and the extent of Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone in the east.

Goal and Objectives

The goal of the project is to build resilience in the marine aquarium industry on the Great Barrier Reef by contributing to more robust fisheries through partnerships and stewardship.

The objectives of the initiative commit participating businesses to actions designed to mitigate ecological risk from the fisheries, including:

  • Collection standards for species identified in the fishery Ecological Risk Assessment, including spatially explicit standards where identified risks are restricted to identified areas
  • Participation in a collaborative management response framework in the wake of disturbance or localised sustainability concern

In parallel, Pro-vision Reef Inc. commits to:

  • Partnership with research institutions to fill knowledge gaps where such gaps exist for species identified in the fishery Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Provision of digital imagery to fishery and marine park managers for the purpose of assessing resource condition
  • Partnership with fishery managers and others to develop electronic logbooks that deliver species level fishery data reports in real time