Author: Ryan Donnelly (

Design: Cool Planet Design (

Photos: Fenton Walsh, Russell Kelley, John Rumney, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Kirsten Michalek-Wagner

The author acknowledges the support of the Pro-vision Reef Inc. management committee and members; and the contributions from project partners: Anthony Roelofs from Fisheries Queensland; Randall Owens from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Prof. Morgan Pratchett and Prof. David Bellwood from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies; and Chris Maple from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. The author also acknowledges the support provided to the project by Sian Breen from WWF Australia.


Author: Ryan Donnelly [ ]

Ryan Donnelly provides services to the commercial fishing industry; and fishery and marine protected areas managers.

He specialises in fostering collaboration and advocacy between commercial fishers, scientists and resource management agencies to add value to the implementation and effectiveness of ecosystem-based fishery management, which is critical for maintaining export eligibility approval.

The collaborative approach enables complementary management of fisheries to mitigate ecological risk, enhance the conservation of biological diversity and promote reef resilience in the face of global climate change.


Design: Andreas Wagner [ ]

Andreas Wagner of Cool Planet Design is an award-winning designer specialising in science communication products in web and print formats. He has developed material for Australian research organisations and government agencies, including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australian Institute of Marine Science, the Bureau of Meteorology, various Cooperative Research Centres, regional Natural Resource Management groups and City Councils.