Responding to Natural Disturbance


The cycle of disturbance and recovery on the Great Barrier Reef is a normal part of life. However, scientists tell us that, as the frequency and intensity of disturbance increases over time due to a changing climate, the capacity of the ecosystem to fully recover will become increasingly challenged.

It is incumbent upon managers and users of the Great Barrier Reef to take measures to maintain reef health, such that the reef is in the best possible condition to recover after disturbance.

Stewardship Action Plan: Mitigating Ecological Risk in a Changing Climate compels collectors to mitigate identified fishery risks in a highly specific manner on a daily basis. However, when disturbance events occur, an extra level of operational response is required to contribute to reef recovery.

Pro-vision Reef initiated a collaborative relationship with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to respond to disturbance. The collaboration enables the marine aquarium industry to coordinate modification to their practices in conjunction with the recovery efforts by the management agency.

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