An industry initiative to drive fishery improvement through collaboration with management and science.

The Challenge

A changing climate has implications today in anticipation of tomorrow. Our industry acknowledges this and has accepted the challenge.

Queensland Marine Aquarium Industry

A small, capital-intensive industry operating high value fisheries to world-class standards on a global natural icon.

Cycle of Assessment, Management and Monitoring

Continuous improvement model whereby access to international markets is dependent on management for environmental performance.

Identified Ecological Risk

A forum for managers, scientists, industry and conservationists to pool knowledge to identify fishery risks to the environment.

Industry Risk Mitigation Standards

Industry workshops constructed standards to drive down identified fishery risks early in the cycle of assessment, management and monitoring.

Management Response Task Force

This forum enables our industry to contribute to the recovery of habitats after disturbance.

Filling Knowledge Gaps

Our industry is investing in accelerating continuous improvement of environmental performance of our fisheries.